Here is the steps to play amazon saheli quiz

1. Dowload the amazon app

2. open the amazon app and sign with your account and search for quiz & funzone word in amazon aap & find saheli quiz

3. There will be a total 5 question

4.. Answer the all amazon saheli quiz question correctly to enter the lucky draw

5. Click on start and start the quiz

Here is the Amazon Saheli Quiz – All Correct Answers

1. When is women’s day celebrated across the world?

Answer 8th March

2. The ___ Amazon program aims at empowering women entrepreneurs and support these women to sell their products on Amazon. (Fill in the blank)

Answer:- Amazon Saheli

3. Amazon has partnered with Mann Deshi Foundation and COWE(Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs) for the Amazon Saheli program. What is their main objective?

Answer:- To boost women entrepreneurship in the country

4. Amazon Saheli supports women entrepreneurs with benefits such as training, free imaging and cataloging services, subsidized fees, management support and enhanced discoverability through a separate storefront. (True or False).

Answer:- True

5. Name the online platform launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to support women entrepreneurs?

Answer:- Mahila E-haat

Done !! Congratulations , You Just Cleared The Amazon Saheli Quiz , Now Keep Your Eyes On Prize List

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