Coronavirus in Kolkata – West Bengal has reported the first positive case of coronavirus. An 18-year-old, who recently returned from the UK, tested positive for COVID-19. The boy is a son of Secretary Bureucrat, who works in the Home Department of West Bengal.

The boy is now admitted to the Beleghata ID Hospital. He is one of 18 people currently admitted to the ID hospital.

According to a doctor, when he arrived at the airport on March 15, the boy had no symptoms of coronavirus. Hence, the screening did not detect anything.

However, his friends in the UK told him that three people he attended a party had tested positive for the virus. After that, his family reported the hospital, NDTV reported.

One of his four swab samples, tested by the National Institute for Cholera and Enteric Diseases, confirmed that he was infected with coronavirus.

The boy’s parents and two drivers are said to have been quarantined.

As of March 18, the coronavirus has infected 147 people in India. Maharashtra has reported the most cases (45). 25 have been infected in Kerala. Uttar Pradesh has confirmed 15 confirmed cases so far.

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