How To Create Facebook Avatars – On Facebook, users are getting a new feature of Avatar and with this help can design their own animated character. Once you create your animated avatar, users will be able to use the avatar’s customized stickers in Facebook comments and during chat on Messenger. You can design your avatar in easy steps.

social networking site Facebook has recently rolled out the new avatar feature in the largest markets in India. With the help of this feature, now Indian users can also design their own animated character. With their help, users get the option to use their facial stickers in comments and messages. Facebook has specially customized these stickers and avatars for Indian users.

With the help of Facebook avatar feature, once users have to design their character and after that, their avatar can be shared in posts, profile photo or in Messenger chat window. The special thing is that users can also export their Facebook avatar to third party apps such as Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. 

If you want to create Facebook avatar, then we are giving below step by step method.

How to make your Facebook avatar?

First of all, you have to update on Facebook app latest version by going to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Now open the Facebook app and tap on the three-lined ‘Hamburger’ option shown in the top right corner.

Scrolling down here will see the See More option and after tapping on it Avatars will appear with the blue icon.

Then tap on Avatars option.

After this, you will get the option to customize the avatar and you will be able to customize the rest of the features, from face shape and hairstyle.
You will also have to choose body shape and clothes for the avatar.

Once you are happy with the customization, tap on the ‘Done’ option shown in the top right.

After this, the app will generate your avatar, you will also get the option to share it on social media.

If you want, you can share in the avatar feed or you can also skip this option.

Then tap on the Smily icon to use an avatar in a comment or messenger and you will be able to share your avatar’s custom stickers from the sticker section.

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