The world’s deadliest coronavirus virus is now known in China for the first time. The pandemic that struck the provinces of Hubei has killed some 3,300 people. Right now the corona is down there. However, another new virus has emerged in the country. A man in the Yunnan provinces of China died Monday of hantavirus symptoms. He was traveling to the Shandong provinces and killed with hantavirus, Chinese official magazine Global Times reported. Another 32 passengers on the bus he was traveling in also checked.

The death of someone with hantavirus is now going viral on social media. They are worried that it will cause another coronavirus epidemic. However, hantavirus, like corona virus, is not present in the air. Mice are the cause of hantavirus. Mice are the main carriers of this virus. ‘There is a danger of spreading hantavirus if there are rodents at home and in the surrounding neighborhood. The risk of HPS infection is even higher for those who are perfectly healthy if the virus is infected, ”said the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention.HPS also does not spread from one person to another. It is said that if someone touches their eyes, nose, or mouth, it is infected after the rats touch saliva, urine or its waste. In Chile and Argentina, the rare cases have been reported to be transmitted from one person to another, and those most closely associated with a hantavirus infection are less likely to be infected.

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Those infected with the virus have fever, headache, muscle aches, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, and abdominal symptoms similar to those of Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) patients. Also, as the virus intensifies, the lungs become filled with mucous membranes, making it difficult to breathe. Hantavirus is also known as the Andes virus. Scientists say it is mostly infected by rodents and there is no need to worry about it. It is most prevalent in North, Central and South America.

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Frequently Asked Question on Hantavirus

How dangerous is a hantavirus?

HPS is a serious, sometimes fatal, human respiratory disease caused by infection with Hantaviruses. Anyone who comes into contact with rodents carrying Hantaviruses is at risk for HPS. Rodent infestation in and around the home remains the primary risk for exposure to Hantavirus.

What is the hantavirus symptoms?

Early symptoms are general and include fever, fatigue, and muscle pain.

Where is hantavirus most common?

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is most common in rural areas of the western United States during the spring and summer months .

How long does it take for hantavirus symptoms to show?

Usually, the symptoms occur 9-33 days after the virus enters the body, but the symptoms can appear as early as a week or late after eight weeks. Early symptoms are common and include fever, fatigue, and muscle pain

How does hantavirus spread?

Hantavirus is spread when virus-containing particles from rodent urine, feces or saliva are stirred in the air. It is important to avoid actions that create dust, such as sweeping or vacuuming. Infection occurs when you inhale virus particles.