What is Darjeeling Tea? 

Health Benefits Darjeeling tea – is known as the ‘champagne’ of tea. It has a light floral note, a soft texture and a hint of musky herbs. The Darjeeling tea goes through various processing steps, including picking, wilting, rolling, oxidizing and baking. This gives it a unique taste and aroma.

While other teas can be grown all year round in tea gardens, Darjeeling tea usually has four growing seasons and is therefore available in smaller quantities than other teas. Another feature of the Darjeeling tea that makes it different is that it is more expensive than other teas because it is grown in smaller quantities.

darjeeling teaTea comes from the Darjeeling tea garden set up by the British in the 19th century. The main reason for the creation of the tea gardens was Chinese. Yes, China introduced heavy taxes on tea imports and so the British wanted a great alternative. And so they have set up the tea plantations on the hills of Darjeeling. Darjeeling tea estate created a benchmark for tea worldwide because it produced the best quality tea in the world. Mainly cause of the rich soil that is suitable for the production of tea and the environment that act as a perfect catalyst for growth! That is why Darjeeling tea was started as “Champagne of Teas”

Differences between Assam and Darjeeling tea?

We have all heard of Assam Tea or Darjeeling tea. But do we really understand the differences between Assam tea leaves and Darjeeling tea leaves?

● The first to distinguish these two types of tea leaves is their location of origin. The individual locations of the two types of tea contribute a lot to the difference in taste and color of the tea.

● The second difference is in their physical appearance. Top quality Darjeeling tea leaves have a light green hue that goes to gold, while loose Assam tea is darker – a bark-like shade. Darjeeling tea leaves also have small hairs on the underside of their leaves before they are processed and are smaller than Assam tea leaves

● Third is their taste. While Darjeeling tea has a more spicy undertone, Assam tea leaves are characterized by their earthy, almost nutty taste.

● Finally, Assam tea leaves have two blushes or two growth periods, while Darjeeling has four; and all four of these parties have their own characteristics. Because the best Darjeeling tea is made in smaller quantities because of their 4 growing periods, it is also a bit more expensive than Assam tea leaves.

I hope this information helps you understand the differences between Assam and Darjeeling tea leaves. If you want to buy premium quality quality Darjeeling or Assam loose tea leaves online for a better tea experience, I would suggest you visit Halmira’s online tea shop to buy the desired tea with just a click of a button.

Best place to buy a darjeeling tea online?

Darjeeling tea is one of the most famous tea among tea lovers. There are hundreds of Darjeeling tea sellers in India and each of them considers themselves the best in the industry. Teabox, Goodricke, Chamong, JayShree, are some to mention.

Health benefits of darjeeling tea?

Darjeeling tea is a fine variety of tea grown in the Darjeeling district in West Bengal, at the foot of the Himalayas. It is one of the purest and most distinctive teas in the world. According to the UK Tea Council, Darjeeling Tea is the “Champagne of Teas” because of its excellent taste that almost resembles Muscat (Moscato) wine. There are many types of Darjeeling tea, such as black, white, green and oolong tea. Moreover, to make it even better, tea is a powerhouse of health benefits.

Here are some of the health benefits that you will get if you regularly drink a cup of Darjeeling tea:

  • Contain antioxidants that help fight free radicals, eliminate toxins and neutralize harmful chemicals during digestion.
    The tea contains polyphenolic compounds, which are useful in the prevention of tumors and thereby reduce the chance of developing carcinogenic cells.
  • If you drink Darjeeling tea at least three times a day, your teeth will stay strong and healthy. Unlike cola and sweetened beverages,
  • Darjeeling tea regulates the pH in the mouth and helps ward off harmful bacteria that cause cavities.
  • Drinking the brew is the best way to prevent stomach ailments. In addition, it is highly recommended that you drink more Darjeeling tea if you have a stomach ulcer.
  • Darjeeling tea is a refreshing and healthy drink to start the day. A cup of this brew will also help you deal with stress and anxiety, because the tea can regulate the production of Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.
  • Darjeeling tea is low in calories and is an excellent drink for your weight loss goals. Replace the carbonated drinks and sweetened drinks with Darjeeling tea, as this simultaneously reduces your calorie and sugar intake.
  • Drinking this tea regularly helps prevent heart disease. It contains polyphenols – a powerful antioxidant that reduces the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and increases blood flow in the heart. It also contains quercetin, a flavonoid that helps prevent heart attacks.
    Regular consumption of tea also improves the body’s immune system, keeping the effects of cough and cold at bay.

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