Home made hand sanitizers | How to make hand sanitizer at Home

Home made hand sanitizers | How to make hand sanitizer at Home
Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Hand sanitizer
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: Hand sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer at home, home made hand sanitizers, how to make hand sanitizer at home


  • Squese bottle


  • 1/3 Cup Aloe vera gel
  • 3 drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 4 drops Lavender Oil
  • 2 3 cups rubbing alcohol


  • First of all add aloe vera gel to a squeeze bottle. Do not fill the bottle up to the top.
  • If Aloe Vera gel is very thick, then you can add water daily.
  • Then add 5 drops of tea tree oil to it. (This is the best for eliminating bacteria and viruses)
  • Now mix 6-7 drops of lavender oil.
  • Add rubbing alcohol 
  • Close the bottle and shake it well, so that everything gets mixed.



The corona virus is spreading rapidly. In such a situation, the hand sanitizer used to avoid this is over in the market. If you want, you can make it easily at home. Here’s how to make it …
Coronavirus in India has increased fear in people due to the ever increasing case of Coronavirus in India. People are thinking a hundred times even leaving their homes. There is no vaccine or cure to avoid this virus so far. In such a situation, only mask, hand sanitizer, cleanliness itself is the only means to avoid getting caught by the virus . However, considering the huge demand for masks and hand sanitizers in the market, not only have the shopkeepers increased the price by three times, but now it is not available in the market soon. In such a situation, you do not have to worry. If you cannot find a hand sanitizer in the market, you can make a home made hand sanitizer at home as well. Learn, what are the ingredients you need to make a hand sanitizer at home and what is the way to make it.
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, we should use a sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol content. The amount of alcohol in the house that you are going to make at home is more than 60 percent

How To Make Hand Sanitizer At Home 

Add rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel to the bowl. Mix them well. Now put 10 drops of essential oil in it. This will make the scent good. Now mix it well and put it in an empty container. Turn it off tight. Write and paste a hand sanitizer over it, so that there is no confusion as to what it is. Whenever you come home from outside, first clean your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. After that you can use sanitizer made in this house on your hands. Keep it in the purse with you so that it can be used outside

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