If your internet is running slow then first check the settings of the phone. In the phone settings go to network settings and select preferred type of network as 4G or LTE
Also check the Access Point Network (APN) setting in the network settings, as it is necessary to have the correct APN for speed. Go to the menu of APN Settings and set the setting by default.
How to increase a Vodafone 4G's speed?

How to increase a Vodafone 4G’s speed?

The speed of Vodafone 4G depends on the signal strength of your network and the data traffic. But you can increase your internet speed with the help of some tricks. Read this article to know How to increase the speed of your Vodafone 4G or 3G speed in 5 minutes?

Here is the list of why our internet speed is getting very slow?

Signal strength: Usually it depends on the signal strength. if you live in a 4G area with low signal strength, your internet speed will be slow.
Data traffic: Data traffic is the most important thing to get speed from your internet. When a huge number of people use the internet, the internet becomes slow. That is why we achieve high speed during the day and low speed at night (evening time).
Your data packet: After using your daily data packet, your internet speed becomes slow.
Wrong APN setting: Set your APN to WWW.
Data roaming: If you are in a roaming network, you must enable the data roaming option. Otherwise, your internet is slow or won’t connect.
Mobile network: set up your network 3G or 4G manually.You can call customer service for more help.

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