Some apps are becoming quite popular due to the Corona lockdown. Among them is Zoom, a cloud video conferencing app. But the Chinese app is benefiting even more.

Chinese app Tik Tok has benefited from the lockdown done throughout the country to avoid the corona virus. Lockdown period is currently going on in India and during this time this app has become the most frequently downloaded app in the social media category.

According to a report in the Economic Times, App Annalitic firm App Annie has said that the Tik Tok app of Chinese company ByteDance has become more popular during lock down.

According to this report, its download has increased by 20% so far as of January 2020 and now it has more than 49 million new downloads.

Apart from tik tok, video conferencing app Zoom has also become very popular during the lock down period. In India, people are very fond of it and last week it was number-1 in the top chart of Google Play Store.

In the first week of lockdown in India, the app has been downloaded the most times till date. On the second number is the Zoom Meeting app, while the third number is Uvideo and on the fourth and fifth are Instagram and Jio TV respectively.

Tik tok, WhatsApp, Facebook, Hello, Instagram and VMate have been the top downloaded apps within the social networking category on iOS in the week starting 22 March.

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