Tik Tok vs YouTube: There has been a new kind of war between the fans of YouTube and Tiktok on Twitter for the past several days. Jung is about who is better on YouTube and Tiktok? The great thing is that Tik Tok rating on Google Play Store has dropped from 4.7 to 2. Recently, users also gave Tiktok a rating on the Play Store.

Tik Tok Vs Youtube: On social media, many users are also demanding to ban Tik Tok in India. According to the Google Play Store, TikTok App has been rated about 24 million users so far, out of which many users have given only one rating to this app, which has led to a huge drop in the rating of the app and the rating is reduced to just two. is.

At the same time, about 7 lakh 22 thousand users have given ratings to the light version of Tik Tok. Its light version has a rating of only 1.1. It is noteworthy that about 70 million people have given ratings to YouTube on the Play Store. YouTube rating on play store

Why the war broke out between YouTube-Tik Tok ?

Let us know that there has been a tussle between YouTube and Tiktok fans for the last several days. YouTube users make fun of Tiktok users and Tiktok users of YouTube users. This joke became more so when Tiktok star Aamir Siddiqui made a video, in which he wrapped the joke makers on YouTube. After this, the YouTube people also did not sit down.

On YouTube, a video was released from an account named Carrie Minati, in which the ‘blows off’ of the ticket holders. This video went viral. This video reached millions of people. After this war started on Twitter. Thousands of people shared their anger on each other by sharing mimes. As a result, the trend of Twitter was dominated by Tik Tok, YouTube and Skirts.

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TikTok’s Rating drops after Internet war with YouTube influencers