Tiktok star Sia Kakkar has raised many questions. Sia, who made millions of people crazy with her videos at the age of just 16, decided under which circumstances to take suicidal steps, it is a matter of concern for social scientists. After all, how is anxiety and stress taking young people at such a young age? It is also true that suicide is not a diagnosis of any problem. It is tragic that the famous Tik Tok star Siya Kakkar (16) committed suicide by hanging her house in Geeta Colony area in East Delhi. At the age of just 16, 

Police seized Sia’s mobile phone

Why did Siya commit suicide after uploading the video on Wednesday, a day before? It is not yet known. The police has also not recovered any suicide note from the spot. The police have seized Sia’s mobile phone.

Suicide of Tiktok star Sia Kakkar has left her fans in a panic. Siya Kakkar’s fans are from every age group. According to the information received, Sia was followed by 11 lakh people on Tik Tok, while on Instagram also about 91 thousand people were connected to her. It is also worth noting here that 16-year-old Tik Tok star Siya Kakkar, who made suicides at her home in Geeta Colony in East Delhi, earned a lot of name at an early age. In popularity, he had overtaken many of the Tiktok stars of his age. Having made millions of her fans, only 16-year-old Siya Tiktok used to earn from one to one and a half lakh rupees by making videos. At such a young age, such a huge amount is not normal through Tiktok videos, it shows how these little stars made their place in social media.

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput hanged himself a few days ago. This news brought shock to his fans. It is not long before now that another new case of suicide has emerged. 16-year-old social media star Siya Kakkar has committed suicide. Siya was a popular celebrity on social media. His fans are quite surprised by this news. However, the cause of suicide has not been revealed yet.

According to the information, Siya talked to her manager Arjun Sarin about a song last night. Arjun is also surprised to hear the news of Siya’s suicide. Arjun said that Sia was fine and did not even feel upset. They do not understand why Sia took this step. Let us know that Sia was very popular on Tiktok Star.