Top 21 Beard Styles – People usually decide to keep a beard, influenced by the advice of their friends or by the looks of a celeb. But instead of looking smart at times, you have to face embarrassment. Because of wrong style beard, your face starts looking longer or wider than necessary.

According to the face, the style of beard has its own science. You do not need to be very knowledgeable about fashion to learn it. In a short time you will know how to get the right shave according to your face.

You may also have many such questions about keeping a beard, such as:

  • Keep short beard or long beard
  • Keep the Medium Beard or French Cut
  • Chocolate boy look like Ranbir Kapoor or sharp and sexy look like Ranveer Singh

Do not worry, This blog help you like your personal stylist. It is really easy to have a great beard. Just keep these things in mind:

Face shape and styling accordingly

Before we tell you about attractive beard styles, it is also important for you to know that the beard looks the same according to your face. This is exactly the way you like wearing glasses, goggles or a hat, matching the face style.

beard Face shape

Every style of beard enhances different dimensions of your face. So while choosing a beard, it becomes very important that you choose the right style of beard.

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Beard Style

Rectangular face

Boys whose face is long or rectangular, they should shave with more hair on the sides of their face. While the length of the beard on the chin should be kept short. In this, you can also make necessary changes according to the texture of your face.

Mutton Chops Beard

The long and thickly cut beard that touches the mustache gives a very bold look. Film actor Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in the film series Axman, was seen with the same beard style.

Gunslinger Beard

Gunslinger beard is similar in appearance to mutton chops beard but the thickness of beard hair is kept relatively thin.

Chin Strip Beard

Chin strip beard is similar to its name. In this beard, a straight line of hair from under your lower lip to the bottom of the chin.

Chin Strap Style Beard

Chin strap beards do not have a mustache, but these beards extend from your chin to between the two cuttings. Hair is not kept on the cheeks in this style.

Square face Beard

For faces that have the same length and width, such faces are called square or square. Those with a square face can shave or trim their beards in a line neatly near the bone of their cheeks. He can shorten the beard on his cheeks while enlarging the beard near the chin. With this you can take full advantage of your square face and jaw.  

Circle Beard

Circle beard is very good for people with square face. This beard style resembles a patch on the chin. While the mustache is mixed with cuttings.

Royal Beard

According to the name, the look of keeping this beard also emerges. The mustache is simple and thin. While the beard begins as a thin strip from under the lower lip. Later, the beard covers the entire chin by widening the top of the chin. In this beard, you have seen Tony Stark, the hero of the famous Hollywood film Ironman , Robert Downey Jr.

Goatee Beard

These beards are relatively short. It is optional to have a mustache. But it covers the entire chin with hair.

Petite Goatee Beard

A relatively short beard, but the petite bough begins as a thick pen from under the lower lip. These beards do not cover the entire chin. But it leaves the chin at the same distance from right and left. It also gives roundness to the chin.

Round Style Face

Boys with round faces can have a long beard on their chin. But ‘how to make a face look tall?’ The answer to this question is that you can make the hair on the side of the beard shorter than the chin. This will make your round face look a bit taller, however you can also change it slightly according to the face texture.

Van Dyke Beard

In Van Dyke Beard your mustache comes down from the lips. The ends of the mustache are kept thin. While the beard covers the entire chin, the ends of the beard also become thinner when it comes to the mustache. This beard may also leave more hair on the chin. You would have seen Hollywood actor and James Bond Pierce Brosnan in this style beard.

Short Boxed Beard

These beards are relatively short and thin. While its heads are neatly trimmed. This beard looks like a lighter form of Van Dyke’s Beard. In this style mustache, you  must have seen the great actor Rajinikanth in the film Siva Ji the Boss .

Balbo Beard

The beard is not kept in this beard while the mustache is kept very thin.

Anchor Beard

Pointy beard, with beard coming from under your jaw, mustache and chin gives you a very royal look. From the front, your beard looks like a ship’s anchor. Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is known for this style of beard.

Oval face

Every face has its own characteristics. You are lucky if your face is oval or oval shaped. Most of the beard style on this shaped face is very fit.

Chevron Beard

In this style, the mustache covers your upper lip completely. Whereas your beard hair is so big that it usually comes on shaving three days.  

3 -Day Stubble Beard

In this beard, the hair is trimmed so finely as it did three days before shaving. Apart from this, horse shoe style mustache is also in this style. In this style you must have seen actor Aditya Roy Kapur in the film Aashiqui 2 .

Horseshoe Mustache

Apart from the beard, in this style, the mustache comes down towards the chin in length. These mustaches touch the edges of both lips and come down. The end of these mustaches ends in the chin.

Original Stache

In this style the mustache is trimmed quite thinly above the upper lip, while the beard is kept much shorter than the bottom. The thickness of the edges of the mustache is kept fairly. Because of this, your face gets a strong structure.

Obviously, the choice of beard style is the first condition for having the beard of your choice. But before that it will be important for you to know how to grow a thick beard ‘, we will tell you in another article. If you like our information, then please tell in the comment.

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