How long does the effect of Hand Sanitizer last, know when and how to use it?

To avoid corona virus infection, you have been advised to wash hands and use hand sanitizer. So let us tell you how long the hand sanitizer stays on your hands and when and how to use it

To avoid the spread of corona virus infection globally, everyone has been advised to stay indoors and use frequent hand washing or hand sanitizer. But due to this, the question remains in the minds of people that how long can the hand sanitizer work on our hands? This question is very common but it is very important to stop the infection from growing, so let us tell you how long the hand sanitizer stays on your hands and when and how to use it.

Sanitize hands on exit

In lockdown, it is very important to take care of your safety because you keep sanitizing your hands when You are in the market, or at doctor visit or if you are out of the house for any work. This can be helpful in protecting us from viruses. According to health experts, one of the best ways to stop the virus from spreading is to use alcohol based hand sanitizer.

Does Hand Sanitizer Really Work?

It does not work for a long time and hence it is better to wash hands with soap and water. However, hand sanitizer is a convenient option. When you wash your hands with soap and water, all kinds of germs get washed away while the hand sanitizer kills all the germs on your hand at the same time. But as soon as you come in contact with another contaminated surface, your hands become dirty again. Therefore, how long your hands will be safe depends on how much you touch an infected thing.

Washing hands is necessary?

When you touch a dirty surface, you need to clean hands immediately. Whenever you eat something or touch your face, you must wash your hands. Apart from this, after going to the toilet you are required to clean your hands again. Then even if you have cleaned them only 10 minutes before.

These precautions while using hand sanitizer,

cover your hands while using it and rub it together till it dries. Sanitizers and sprays do not work when you see your hands clearly dirty. For this, you should wash your hands with soap and water only.

How long to wash

hands with soap and water To wash your hands thoroughly, rub the soap on your hands for at least 20 seconds. You also clean the fingers and the back part of your hands. Rub your nails on the palm and wash them.

Use a sanitizer, but please be careful, otherwise fire may occur

Many people are using hand sanitizer due to the risk of corona virus. Most hand sanitizers contain at least 60 percent alcohol. In such a situation, caution is very important in its use.


  • Use hand sanitizer very carefully
  • A little carelessness can cause heavy skin
  • A person negligently set fire in Rewari
  • Doctors advise, use sanitizer only after drying hands

The use of hand sanitizer has increased drastically due to the fear of New Delhi / Rewari corona virus. People are using sanitizer indiscriminately without understanding the precautions attached to it. A case has been reported from Rewari, Haryana. Here a person accidentally dropped the hand sanitizer on his clothes. Inadvertently, she was standing near LPG. Because of this, his clothes caught fire. He is admitted to the Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi. According to doctors, the person has burnt 35 percent. Although his condition is stable. Let us know why it is necessary to use hand sanitizer carefully.

Which sanitizer should use?

At the moment everyone is at risk of corona virus. In such a situation it is very important to keep hands clean. Doctors have recommended washing hands with soap for 20 seconds. But the sanitizer is getting used a lot. This makes it easy to disinfect the hand but it is very important to be careful. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people should use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. They should contain at least 60% alcohol.

How is danger is sanitizer?

Since hand sanitizers contain at least 60% alcohol, they are highly flammable, ie they fire very rapidly. Doctors advise that sanitizers should not be used near any place where there is a possibility of fire like LPG, lighters, matches etc. Use sufficient amount of sanitizers and then let it dry.

How to use sanitizer?

If your hands are dirty, do not use sanitizer. First wash your hands with soap and water. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer works only when your hands are dry. In such a situation, take two to three drops of sanitizer and rub it on your hands. Clean the middle of the fingers and apply it behind the palms. Do not wipe, nor wash the sanitizer before drying.

Soap or Sanitizer?

Use soap , sanitizer only where there is no soap and water. While staying at home, one should wash hands four to five times with soap for 20 seconds. Sanitizer should be used when exiting the house. Research from John Hopkins University states that sanitizer is not as effective as soap in fighting the corona virus. The same sanitizer that has a higher alcohol content will be effective to fight the corona virus. Home soap is more effective than sanitizer.

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