CricBuzz and ESPN Cricinfo are two of the most popular online media websites in India that deal exclusively with the game of cricket. In terms of content both platforms are proud of their own way

Cricbuzz is popular because of the fast reporting of live cricket scores, great website and mobile app, unbiased content, while ESPN Cricinfo is known for the different statistics it stores “Statsguru”, columns written by prominent writers, the monthly “The Cricket Monthly” and his video analysis.

ESPN Cricinfo has a statistical engine that is so powerful that you will be amazed. They keep records of almost all competitions that take place around the world. I have always loved numbers and even the most avid Cricbuzz fan would admit that when it comes to facts and figures and statistics, Cricinfo – with its huge database and Statsguru – surpasses all other sites. Both platforms focus a lot on the analysis part of the game. The analysis of Cricbuzz is usually based on arguments and possibilities, the analysis of ESPN Cricinfo is strongly supported by statistics and figures. When it comes to commenting, it is a very difficult task to compare both and choose the best from them. Although I prefer to read the comment from Cricbuzz above the comment from ESPN Cricinfo, because this explains the situation of the game better. Involving viewers in the game is another primary goal that both platforms aim for. ESPN Cricinfo started earlier with the opinions of the people between the comments during a live competition to keep the viewers involved and now cricbuzz follows the same steps to engage its users.Because both platforms have sufficient data and can analyze it, the next big thing I expect to see is how these platforms come up with new ways to keep their users busy while on the move.

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