WhatsApp last seen Hide : The last seen option was also introduced years ago, but similar to the Blue Tick, many users did not like the feature and wanted to disable the option. Shortly thereafter, WhatsApp introduced a way how to hide last seen in whatsaap . The process is easy.

  • First launch Whatsapp and click 3 dots on upperside & Tap the Settings menu first.

After this, go to the account option then tap on privacy option and click on the last seen option and change the setting to “Nobody”

Three options are available “Everyone” “My Contacts” and “No body”.

By clicking on Everyone, including people with your WhatsApp number, they will be able to see you last seen.

On clicking “My Contacts” only your contacts can be seen on WhatsApp for your last time.

Finally, if you enable the “Nobody” option then no one will see your WhatsApp last seen. You can choose last option any time.

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